Dear Friends of EtonHouse Community Fund,

We hope you are well and safe during this challenging period. The COVID-19 virus has been a challenge for us all. Sadly, it has been especially hard on children from low-income families. We are acutely aware of the hardships and risks that these children are subject to during this period of disruption and school closure. In turn, we have been doing everything we can to reach out to them. 


We would like to share with you how we have been diverting our resources to better serve the pressing needs of our beneficiaries.

Supporting children’s knowledge of the virus

Information on Covid19 is widely circulated, but rarely in a manner that children can easily understand. As such, within a week of the virus’ onset in Singapore, the EtonHouse Group’s educators created and published the “A new Virus Has Arrived” book to help children understand the virus in a sensitive and meaningful way.

The book which is available in nine languages (Bahasa Indonesia, English, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Malay, Spanish, Tamil and Vietnamese) was very well received. 8,000 copies were distributed to community partners including KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), the Ministry of Education(MOE), Early Childcare Development Agency (ECDA), Children Wishing Well, and Henderson WeLL Centre. It was also uploaded as a complimentary e-book for ease of access to a wider audience.


Following the positive reception, a second The Language of Kindness’ book was further published to reflect acts of kindness towards all the silent heroes in Singapore amidst the pandemic. A set of free related printable activity sheets was also uploaded to our website for children to learn and create meaningful conversations with their parents and guardians.

Supporting a better Home Based Learning experience

From an early stage, we were concerned for children impacted by the quarantine or Leave Of Absence orders. With the wellbeing of the children at heart, the EtonHouse Community Fund put together a home learning kit comprising fun experiences and resources for these children.

In all, over 350 kits were distributed to various welfare communities and preschools including the Healthy Start Development Centre, NTUC My First Skool, PCF Fengshan Preschool, the Prison Fellowship, and Tasek Jurong. To extend its reach, an online stay at the home program was further launched to help parents or guardians engage their children meaningfully at home.

With the circuit breaker measures that led to full Home-Based Learning for all children, our immediate thoughts went out to our beneficiaries and the lack of access to technology. The EtonHouse Community Fund sponsored 23 families from the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s Child Protection Group with free internet broadband for a period of three months so that they too could access home-based learning like their peers. We are committed to our belief that no child should be left behind. 

Please do reach out to us if you know of anyone who needs help during this time. 

Even as circuit breaker measures continue, we will not rest and we will continue our efforts. The crisis is unfolding and it strengthens our resolve to reach out to all those who need our support. Even when this is over, the aftermath will continue to affect the lives of children especially our beneficiaries. Thank you for being with us in our fight for them.   

Stay safe.

EtonHouse Community Fund


E-book Download:


E-book Download:

THE 'super slEuths'

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activity sheet

A fun and meaningful board game created by EtonHouse children and teachers to educate young children on the importance of personal hygiene.

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