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CDA Top-Up Scheme

The CDA (Child Development Account) Top-up scheme is a community initiative with the aim of providing aid
to children from less privileged backgrounds. This is done through an initial seed deposit into their CDA, which can be used primarily for educational and medical purposes at Approved Institutions until they turn the age of 13 (after which the balance is transferred to their Post-Secondary Education Account). The seed grant will attract a dollar-for-dollar matching grant from the Government thereby doubling the number of financial benefits available to these children. ECF has pledged to $50,000 to Bishan North and $150,000 to Punggol North. 

In 2020, we expanded this scheme and reached out to 14x more beneficiaries in comparison to 2019, by partnering Ministry of Education (MOE) and Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) on a Child Development Account (CDA) top-up programme to benefit about 1,300 pre-schoolers from low-income families.

Second Minister for Education and Chairperson of UPLIFT, Dr Maliki Osman, who visited E-Bridge’s Punggol Large Childcare Centre on 8 Oct 2020 to mark the launch of the programme, said: “Pre-school plays a crucial role in laying the foundations for a child’s overall development – building their confidence and social skills and encouraging them to be active and curious learners.…. We welcome the partnership with ECF and CFS, who have stepped forward to contribute to this initiative, especially during this trying period of economic uncertainty and job losses which have impacted many families.”

Supporting children with Diabetes

ECF partnered with the KKH Health Fund (KKHHF) to improve the care of less privileged children with diabetes through the use of technology such as a Glucose Monitoring System (GMS) and educational and outreach initiatives such as diabetes camps for patients and their caregivers.

“So far, it has become easier to check my son’s glucose levels especially when we are outside or needs frequent checking. It is also easier to check when he’s sleeping without having to disturb him. He rarely gets infection on his fingers as less finger pricks required with GMS.”


Mother of an 8 year-old boy with 6 years of diabetes


ECF implemented bursary schemes in order to help low-income families to relieve their burden of paying school fees that they are unable to afford. By doing so, the child would have access to good quality education.