cognitive Development

The Literacy Project

The Literacy Project is a collaboration between ECF and Henderson WeLL Centre to provide weekly English enrichment classes by teachers from EtonHouse Pre-School 223 Mountbatten. The teachers volunteer their Saturday mornings conducting fun-filled lessons for 3-4-year old preschoolers to appreciate English through poems, music, and creative expressions. These children are from lower-income families who struggle with their English. We hope that through the dedicated support of our teachers, they will gradually develop a strong command of English which will, in turn, help them to be successful in school.


Teacher Everywhere

Teacher Everywhere is a new initiative by ECF. It empowers Volunteer Teachers through a comprehensive training programme covering child development, strategies for managing challenging behavior, delivering an effective reading session and other important skills in engaging children.


Volunteer Teachers commit to delivering the ECF Joyful Learning programme for pre-schoolers - a programme specially designed by EtonHouse curriculum specialists to enhance children's literacy and numeracy skills, creative expression and fine motor skills, through 40 classic storybooks.

The Play Library

The Play Library situated at Henderson WeLL Centre, is a toy library specially set up to encourage Parent-Child bonding activities and learning through play. These interactive exercises are meant to help increase mental and emotional connection.


ECDA Kidstart

EtonHouse Community Fund has provided support for children from low-income families since the start of the KidSTART pilot in 2016 by committing $150,000 over the years. Our contributions include sponsoring educational resources for over 8 KidSTART Groups, donating boxes of joy containing educational items, providing Resource Kits as well as sponsoring learning journeys and trips to the Singapore Zoo, KidSTOP, etc. EtonHouse Community Fund is honoured to be a part of this programme and will continue to provide support towards KidSTART in making a meaningful difference to the lives of less fortunate children.

KidStart is a government pilot programme that aids children up to 6 years of age from less-privileged, low-income families. It has helped about 1000 families since the start of the programme in 2016 and provided areas of support in nutrition, child development and parent-child interaction.

School Enrichment

Programme Sponsorships

In 2018, ECF introduced sponsorship for enrichment classes to assist lower-income group students in Preschools to join their peers during these classes.